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Gandhiji  and 'Sree Narayana Guru'This book ‘NARAYANA GURUVUM GANDHIJIYUM‘ is a comparative  study on two great leaders “Mahathma Gandhi” and “Sree Narayana Guru Devan”. Both this legends dedicated their lives for the society and to educate them. They made commendable changes in the society.

Mahatma Gandhi‘ met ‘Sree Narayana Guru‘ at ‘Sivagiri Mutt’ (Sree Narayana Guru’s Ashram)  during the second visit of Gandhiji to Kerala in the year 1925. Gandhiji’s second visit to Kerala was mainly to support the ‘Vaikom Satyagraha’ and to address the participants of the ‘Satyagraha’. (‘Vaikom Satyagraha’ was the fight for backward classes for allowing to use the public roads around the Vaikom temple).

Sree Narayana Guru and GandhijiDuring this second visit ‘Gandhiji’ went to meet ‘Gurudevan’ and they got into a discussion with the help of an interpreter, Mr.N.Kumaran. These historic moments are included in the “Biographies of Sree Narayana Guru” written by his direct disciples. Based on these books,  Dr.S.Shaji is trying to identify their similarities and differences.

NARAYANA GURUVUM GANDHIJIYUM - malayalam book“Books Specifications

Language : Malayalam
Category : Comparitive study
Author : Dr. S. Shaji
Publisher : Poornna Printing and Publishing House
Publication Year : December 2011
No. of Pages : 210 “


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