Aswadanathinte Unmadam | Malayalam Articles

Source: Aswadanathinte Unmadam | Malayalam Articles

ASWADANATHINTE UNMADAMASWADANATHINTE UNMADAM’ is a review on Malayalam literature of the last few decades by Dr. Prasannarajan. He writes about poem, novel, short stories and literary criticisms.

He dedicates an entire section to K.P. Appan, in this review. Rather than a writer, he tries to portray K.P. Appan as a teacher, friend, and a human being .

This book includes two interviews and twenty five articles. The personality of K.P. Appan is trying to reveal in these articles. This book will be very useful for literature students and teachers.


ASWADANATHINTE UNMADAM-Prasannarajan” Books Specifications
Language : Malayalam
Category : Essays
Author : Dr. Prasannarajan
Publisher : Poornna Printing and Publishing House
Publication Year : May 2011
No. of Pages : 186
Price : 110


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