Eezhavar Charithrapatanangal | A Research book

Source: Eezhavar Charithrapatanangal | A Research book

Historical study of EzhavasThe book ‘EZHAVAR CHARITHRA PADANANGAL’ is a historical study on the caste group of Ezhavas.

Ezhavas are a backward community in the state of Kerala, in India. Ezhavas are also known as Irava, Ilhava, Izhava, Erava, Chogons, Chokons, Chovas, Tiyyas, Thiyyas, Theeyas or Thandan in different regions in Kerala. The Ezhavas are a caste group that is socially and educationally disadvantaged. Hence the Indian Government has categorized them as OBC (Other Backward Class).

This book ‘EZHAVAR CHARITHRA PADANANGAL’ has a collection of twenty eight articles, that clearly explains the cultural background of Ezhavas. The book is edited by “Dr. S. Jayaprakash” and “G. Priyadarsanan”. The book contains articles of many other writers like Justice K. Sukumaran, C. V. Kunjuraman, Murkothu Kumaran, Samuel etc. This book can be considered as an authentic writings on the history of Ezhavas in Kerala.



Language : Malayalam
Category : Essays, History
Author : G. Priyadarsanan and Dr. S. Jayaprakash
Publisher : Poornna Printing and Publishing House
Publication Year : June 2015
No. of Pages : 170
Price : 140


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